Hats (read description please)
Hats (read description please)
Hats (read description please)

Hats (read description please)

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Unfortunately when we received these hats they were different to our samples. They didn't arrive with tie straps attached which would be okay, but they made the head a little too shallow to stay on sturdy enough for little kids to play in without a strap around the chin. We have been sent the straps and now have the huge task of sewing these on our hats. So we have two options for our customers to purchase these. You can buy the hats without the straps attached and sew on yourself or you can purchase with the straps attached. The price will reflect both of these options. 

Thank you so much for your support with this very disheartening mistake, I hope these hats can still see pleanty of love


hats come in size Small and Medium

Small is for babies 0-3 months to 6-12 months

Medium is 1-5 years

These just an adjustable pull tie on the top of the hats to make tighter and looser on the head