5 Years Sober

I can actually not believe it has been another whole year already since writing my previous blog regarding this topic. It’s Valentine’s Day today, so it seems super fitting to celebrate just a week out from our big milestone. If you are new here, please read through my blog post from a year ago to get to know us a bit better so I’m not just repeating myself in this one for the people following along :) . I tossed up whether to actually write a whole new post touching in on our 5 years of sobriety. Mainly for the fact that in the sobriety world, there isn’t anything much to touch on. No fall backs, no temptations, just one more year without a drink to our names. 

The main reason I want to reach out again is to get across to the 20 Thousand more followers we have gained in the past 12 months. 20 thousand of you that have potentially been in the same situation as we have or know of somebody with an addiction. Throughout the year after posting this blog I have been flooded with messages and emails of stories and heartfelt messages about families and people who are either sober or going through the life changing journey themselves. Throughout these 5 years, Hugo and I have helped so many people begin this journey and are now starting families of their own, or continuing a healthy one with the ones they almost left behind. The main thing we have found with talking to people and getting our message across, is realising how many people are actually suffering from some kind of addiction and not knowing who to turn to. Breaking free from the habit and the environment is step one. We tried staying in the same town but the bad influence’s and ‘friends’ got the better of him. Step two was finding Hugo another addiction. A good addiction. People with these ‘problems’ as such, have very addictive personalities, whether it be drinking, gambling or drugs, etc. What these people don’t see, Is the potential to use that trait to their advantage and channel it into something useful. We have had a couple of moves since our main first one 4 and a half years ago, it has been an incredible journey to find our little place in this big world. 5 years on and I can confidently say we have found our home, we have both found our passion, and this year is going to be one of Hugo’s biggest yet. Hugo and I now both work full-time on our family businesses. Mine being Luca the Label and We have recently created Hugo’s latest brand, Hughies. Which we hope can not only be a fun recreational activity for everyone to enjoy, but will also start a conversation about the young man who thought his life plan was to drink himself to death but was able to turn it all around and create an amazing life for him and his family. This is why I wanted to write ‘5 Years Sober’. If this just inspires one person who needs helps, or to help somebody who does, then it was worth every second typing this blog. Please also feel free to drop me a message or email asking any questions. We want you to live the life you were meant for. Everybody is worth it!

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