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#brandstartup with Luca The Label

Congratulations on the new venture of starting up your own brand! We are so excited to be able to offer you this free checklist with the basics that need to be done before launching your new business. I am sure there are certainly a lot more things that could be added to this list but these are the fundamentals and will get the ball rolling with you being able to fill your own little checklist along the way that are specific to your business plan. The link below will take you straight to the file and is able to be printed off so you can sit this in front of you each day and slowly tick your way down the...

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5 Years Sober

I can actually not believe it has been another whole year already since writing my previous blog regarding this topic. It’s Valentine’s Day today, so it seems super fitting to celebrate just a week out from our big milestone. If you are new here, please read through my blog post from a year ago to get to know us a bit better so I’m not just repeating myself in this one for the people following along :) . I tossed up whether to actually write a whole new post touching in on our 5 years of sobriety. Mainly for the fact that in the sobriety world, there isn’t anything much to touch on. No fall backs, no temptations, just one...

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Decluttering 101 - Q & A

1 year ago, I was that person that brought new linen, cushions, rugs and homewares every week just so we could 'change up' the house. Every time there was a sale on at a clothing store, I would overspend on pieces that 'maybe' I'll wear and 'just in case' things because it was cheap. I then watched the minimalist's documentary on netflix and my perception on 'things' has completely changed and given us all such a sense of freedom and opened our time up to the more important 'things' in life, which is 'time spent', not money.  I had some really good questions come through from you all and I hope my answers are able to help you! so here...

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4 Years Sober

4 Years Sober - Can I believe I am here writing this? No. Did I ever imagine this would be my life? No. Did I think we would ever truely make it? No, I was scared everyday. But we are here, we made it & life is better then I ever imagined it could be. Here’s to my best friend, my husband and to the father of my children, 4 years sober, you did it and we are so proud of you. A lot may wander what this has to do with Luca the Label? I started this brand for my family. To be closer to the children and flexible around all life had to throw at us. Life is...

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